We are embarrassed and are usually informed words of thanks not to be able to say. We value trip of such a wonderful couple. Welcome to accommodation "GINSYOU" warming couple.

We are separated from daily life,
Trip that both heart and body ease.

A peaceful time,
With important one.

Finally when is it that we went on a trip in couples?
Though, as for "like", "I'm sorry"; "even as for thank you"
It will be why that we cannot say obediently.

Thought is not conveyed obediently
"Let's sometimes go for trip in two"
Do you not feel like seeming to be able to say this?
It is good idea to make memorial day "excuse".

Holiday only for two people separated from daily life.
Because it is reliable two people, we can do it,
Please enjoy trip willful freely in GINSYOU warming couple.

Attach heart of hospitality to one flower

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"Couple plan"


For 500 yen of stand
Discount coupon present

(during stay, it is more than 1,000 yen in
Available by purchase)


Percent shochu for man in front
Black vinegar preprandial for woman

(customer older than 20 years old in dinner)

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