homatsukan NEW OPEN!

GINSYOU new building which was introduced by KTS TV opens at last in December, 2015!


Room of new type is open modern, stylish Western-style room.

Two conversations seem to bound while looking at the sea opening in the D bed very front dozing off in two people in sofa of two people hook

Because both washroom and shower want to value time of ... two together for two people; ...

Please enjoy night starlit sky appreciation by sound of wave in BGM while soaking in open-air bath in two people.

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Wide outdoor bath to be able to take in two people relaxedly.

Private room open-air bath flowing constantly from the source where there is unhurried sense of quality.

Please enjoy night starlit sky appreciation by sound of wave in BGM while soaking in open-air bath in two people.

※As for hot spring supply of inside bath of guest room, it becomes just for from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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Western-style room ... bond ... which deepens with open-air bath      Good-quality space of the best to spend in two people

Western-style room + D Bet + twin bed room

■Good-quality space only for two■

Couple, couple is separated from daily life, and it is usually in different rooms which we can spend particularly all day long.

■ Type of room ■
・Western-style room + D Bet + twin bed room
・There is hot spring in street stall.
・Equipped with shower room
・Counter bar

■ Scenery ■
Side facing sea

※It is room of limitation of careful two people (child impossibility).
There is not TV.
It becomes non-smoking room.
There are several steps of high steps in the entrance hall.
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Garden GINSYOU garden opened with new building!

Gulf of Kinko that spreads out in front there when we stand in observation deck.
A time when it is non-daily in private garden.

Please stop at way back of GINSYOU recommended walk course in the daytime
Various heart is hidden in GINSYOU garden.
We count heart ganankoattaka and present small present in correct answer.

Etoile beginning in GINSYOU garden is romantic at night
You have hot coffee, and please enjoy Etoile romantic no fantasy-like atmosphere.


We publish questionnaire of loss of interest in GINSYOU with open-air bath Western-style room.

Western-style room in December, 2015, GINSYOU detached room with open-air bath
We refurbished and opened.

We carried out until the end of March,
Customer questionnaire of monitor plan
We publish.

Please see for your information.

[voice of customer]
●There is music, and scenery is wonderful at all in very good room, too
  We were able to spend time.
  We think cocktail shaker to be very new idea.
  As it is what we cannot experience by daily life, conversation bounds, too,
  It was very good.

●Room is the best by fashion

●It was facility so as to be too enough!

●It was very good (about D bed). When we lay,
 We could just see the horizon and were the best! !

●With time of two people slow rather (about there not being TV) one without TV
 As we could enjoy conversation, we were all right.

●It was good that there was time to talk in two people slowly (about there not being TV).
  We spent time only by sound of nature leisurely and were able to be really relaxed.

●Fall down with the master slowly while seeing outside scenery (about D bed)
  We were able to talk. As for what is usually ashamed, and cannot talk about obediently (?)
    We were able to convey.

●We like room with open-air bath and sometimes stay,
 It was very unexpectedly wonderful room.
 In addition, we think of koretaraiinaato.
●Forgetting time because there is not TV, and spending 1:00 with peace,
  We were able to do it.

●It is very good (about D bed). With very comfortable hardness
  It was comfortable to read book to doze off.

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